Worship Committee News

Hello Chapel Friends! Your Worship Committee has made a commitment to keep you updated on future events that we have been planning as well as sharing with you some of the details of what our individual worship committee members do to bring you a meaningful, spiritual, Sunday morning worship service each week.

Our ushers are responsible for so much more than you may see on a Sunday morning. Currently, head usher Gary Piker and Dusty McIntyre are serving in this capacity. Aside from ensuring that our congregation is properly seated, new visitors greeted and given a welcome gift, introducing them to someone who will sit with them and guide them through the service, and taking attendance, they do many other things to make sure the service runs smoothly. Especially now that we are meeting outside, they work with our production crew, Richard Vickery, Chris Bowden, Kristen Marineau, and Larry Bush, to make sure all that we need to hold our service is set up out in the Chapel in the Woods or for an in-person service inside the sanctuary and have both types of services live streamed to the world through our church’s Facebook page and by FM radio transmission to people attending in their cars in the parking lots.

Gary makes sure that tables, bulletins, the collection basket, communion elements, masks, sanitizers, etc. are set up for you. Also, Heidi’s keyboard, microphones, speakers, all needed accessories are put in place for her to bring us the great live music we all enjoy. Dusty remains inside the office during the service to watch the service via livestream and to communicate with those who are attending from far and wide. He sends the prayer requests via text message to Larry in the woods for Pastor Lenore to share in the prayers for the people. After the service, all of that is reversed and brought back into the church where it remains until the following week. There are also additional tasks that are done for special services throughout the year.

We give thanks and bless those who choose to use their talents, their gifts and their time to serve in this way.

We are planning a busy summer this year. As part of our 2022 goals, we are starting a midweek, Wednesday evening
Vespers service which will take place from the end of June until the end of August. One of the Vespers services will be a
healing service.