Supremely Good

In Genesis 1, “God said” and humans and all of creation receive life from the very hand and voice of God. God declares that creation is “supremely good” (CEB). All of creation is therefore part and parcel “of God” and as Christians we are called to be that supreme goodness to the world. In recent years with an increased awareness of the fragility of the earth’s ecosystems and the essential interconnectedness of all humanity, a movement and theology called “Creation Spirituality” has been born. Creation Spirituality celebrates four areas that relate to our experience with God:

  • Recognizing the inherent goodness of all creation (including our own potential for good)
  • Acknowledging that dark places and times in our lives serve as the fodder for creating new life
  • Exclaiming divine creativity and our role in co-creating with God
  • Embodying compassion and power to bring more wholeness and justice to the world.

Creation Spirituality helps us to: deepen our reverence for life, participate in the creativity of the cosmos, develop our passion for justice and human transformation. It compels us to lead lives of spiritual inquiry, creativity, and prophetic action as our sacred work in the world.

The fall sermon series “Sacred Earth, Sacred Worth” will help us expand and explore ways we can live out the understanding of Creation Spirituality. As individuals and as a community, we will learn how to honor the Divine Creator God every day by proclaiming God’s love and supreme goodness as we care for the earth and one another.

With Blessings of New Life,
Pastor Lenore

Pastor Lenore Robinson