Noisy Change Challenge Update – July 2022

Each quarter we collected our noisy change, dollars, checks, and any form of currency for a mission chosen by the Missions/Evangelism Committee. Thanks to the generosity of Chapel UMC, we collected and donated $756 to Project Hope for the first quarter and $708 (more still being donated) to UMCOR for the second quarter.

We are planning to continue our Noisy Change quarterly collections. Our Next Noisy Change Challenge is for a local mission – Madison Schools. We would like to purchase two ’Buddy Benches’ – one for North Elementary School and the other for Madison Middle School.

The idea is simple – if a child feels lonely, they can go to the bench as a signal that they need someone to play with. Another child will see them, go and talk to them and include them in their games. Buddy Benches can benefit all children, not just the ones who are feeling isolated. It teaches children empathy by showing them how to recognize when someone else is in need and how we can be kind to them.

The due date will be Sunday, September 25th, 2022.

Thank you,
Missions/Evangelism Chairperson (Cheer Leader)
Janet Vickery