From the Trustees

Clean-up month was successful and the trustees would like to thank of those individuals that participated both inside
and outside projects.

June has proven to be a busy month with a wedding and two funerals. It did not help us to be prepared when the hot water tank blew its seal and flooded the basement over night on June 1st. We filed an insurance claim and had ServPro clean up the mess. We are still in the process of replacing the hot water tank so until we do – we won’t have hot water upstairs in the restrooms or kitchen. We have our estimates and should be making a decision about how we plan to provide hot water upstairs in the next week or so.

All three events stayed on schedule and a troop of volunteers made sure our hospitality was not compromised. A big thank you to everyone that helped out with food, cleaning, decorating and just being here when needed.

Larry Bush