From the Trustees

It has been a very busy summer! Starting at the end of May, our hot water tank broke its seal and flooded the basement. We hired ProServ to come and clean up the water mess and clean and sanitize the basement. We then submitted an insurance claim to pay for the clean-up but it didn’t cover the cost of a new hot water tank. We received three estimates ranging from $3,000 to $22,000 to install a new hot water tank. Thankfully, we were able to install a new electric hot water tank ourselves (free labor) and with the help of our electrician, for under $1,500. Plus we won’t be heating water 24/7 since the hot water tank is on a timer and we were able to hook it up to a drain so it can’t flood the basement if it loses its seal. A significant savings!

At the end of June, the roof started to leak over counseling room in the old part of the building and we experienced a plumbing emergency when our shut-off valves in the boiler room broke. We were able to get the roofing company that installed the roof five years ago to come and fix it under warranty. But the valves had to be replaced at a cost of $1,121.

At the end of July, we started to experience electric outages in the kitchen, basement, and the upstairs rooms. The aluminum wire that connects the two halves of our building was breaking again like it did in Nov. of 2021 but we didn’t know where the break was. The trustees and council members met and decided to replace the wiring with new copper wire and put in a PVC conduit to protect it. This meant we had to dig a trench from the boiler room to shed next to the Sunday School room in the basement. The work is now complete and the cost is still being determined but should be at or below $4,000. It had to be done to prevent future electric outages.

So we have managed with God’s help to keep our building together and functioning as cost efficiently as possible. Even though it was a costly summer, we had the funds to pay for the repairs – God does provide!

God is Good, Always!