Annual Conference 2024

The 55th session of East Ohio Annual Conference was held June 13-15, 2024, at Akron’s John S. Knight Center. The theme for the three days of Holy Conferencing was “Faith Hope Love”. Services and sessions were grounded in the prophetic promise recorded in Isaiah 40:31 (NIV).

In her Episcopal Address Bishop Tracy S. Malone encouraged clergy and laity to read ¶105 of The Book of Discipline outlining The Theological Task of the Church.

“We endeavor through the power of the Holy Spirit to understand the love of God given in Jesus Christ. We seek to spread this love abroad. As we see more clearly who we have been, as we understand more fully the needs of the world, as we draw more effectively upon our theological heritage, we will become better equipped to fulfill our calling as the people of God,” Malone said. “Brothers and sisters, siblings in Christ, the renewal and unity of the Church is all of our work to do.”

Annual Conference approved a $8,237,340 budget for 2025 (a 20% reduction from 2024); raised by 5% the minimum salaries for all categories of clergy; approved Phase 1 of the Simplified Accountable Structure form of governance for East Ohio Conference leadership; approved three resolutions, and much more.